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I am an aspiring writer living and working in Hull. I working on a novel, as well as writing short stories to keep my writing skills fresh. I decided to start a writing blog to connect with other writers. So please, take a look around and leave some comments - I'd love to read some of your writing blogs too. Nari X

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Shiny New Toy

I did it - I bought a netbook. And I got a much better deal than I had anticipated - I got the last in the store, ex-display (so over half price) Sony Vaio, which is basically all the qualities, memory and hard drive space of an ordinary laptop, just really little, like a netbook. So I paid not a lot more for a proper laptop that's compact, which is the main thing I really wanted. Bonus.

I'm still getting used to the little keys, but I'll get there I'm sure. Now I feel as though I can take my writing anywhere, without llugging a massive rucksack with my cumbersome old machine and it's power cord as the battery is screwed with me. I can fit this in my handbag and take it on the bus. I can tuck it under my arm and pop over the road to the coffee house, or over the road to the local library.

Incidentally, that's what I'm doing right now. I've just tapped out 600 more words over lunch, and I've managed to begin a new thread of the story, which opens out a lot of things, ready to be explored. I know I'm being vague, but please forgive me. I'm protective.

Other news, I finally bought a paperback 'Wise Man's Fear' so that I can actually read the damn book without fear of breaking a first edition hardback. I'm such a geek. Mind you, it's not exactly the kind of book you can just pop in your handbag.

I have a question for you. I'm looking for some software to help me with my worldbuilding, which I know will be a fair commitment pricewise for a lot of them. Does anyone know of any good software that won't break the bank too much?

Sorry for being brief, but I think I need to leave. We're now on the third time through of Jonny Cash, and it's driving me a little bit crazy.
See you all soon.