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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Welcome to the life of a receptionist.

Russell Howard, Comedian.
 I am a very happy bunny. For Christmas, my parents gave me a Ticketmaster giftcard, which I was over the moon about. The one thing that I have felt the lack of from living on benefits is going to gigs, both of the music and comedy varieties. So I logged on the other day to see if, by any crazy chance, there might be any seats left for Russell Howard, and, lo and behold, there were. I spent every single penny of my giftcard on the man and have been grinning from ear to ear ever since. I think he's lovely, as Rob will bear witness to. There's just something so positive and optimistic about most of his comedy. His philosophy of life seems to be 'cheer up, stop moaning and see the funny side', and I love that. The tickets came through the door this morning, so bring on February. 

I must apologise for my lack of posting. I started my placement on Tuesday and haven't really had much time to spare. I'm just getting used to the working world. I'm really enjoying it so far - I'm working on reception in a building owned by Goodwin, and the people I'm working with are lovely. (I'll get my fiver later for saying that.) I'm just getting to know who's who and who works for which company, which is all a bit confusing, but I'm getting there. 

Anyway, Writing news. I don't have huge amounts other than a few things I forgot to mention last time. I tried to go sale shopping the other week, and I realised that I completely suck at it. I tried on one pair of jeans, which I didn't even buy, then I ended up in Blue Banana talking to a member of staff about my 'sixteen year-old sister, Lauren.'
In case you didn't know, I don't have a sixteen year-old sister. My sister is 23 and called Heather. Lauren is one of my main characters.
Does this mean I am officially crazy? Or just a filthy liar?

Well, it was fun, and it got me thinking on my feet. I actually found it to be a really good excercise, because she really came alive in my head. I was imagining her response to all the things I 'was considering buying for her', and at the same time working out her style and outfits. If you've never done it, try it. It's cheaper than the cinema.
Or if you're not into the whole lying thing, then good old-fashioned hot-seating is just as good. I used to love Hot-Seating in Drama. It's essentially where you have someone interviewing you as your character, so it's all about initial reactions and what feels right. 

I bought a fancy big folder for my First Draft, which I'm still putting into all the folders. I have had a bit of a chance to work on it again, but only scribbling in pencil on it. I woke up thinking about the latter scenes this morning, which does happen a lot. I'm just trying to make the damn thing actually work. I'm also wondering just how messed up Andy really is, bearing in mind that this is a teen/young adult fiction. So one of the things I'm looking into is some flashbacks into Andy's childhood to get a feel for his motivations. 

But right now, I need to buy treacle and other such stuff because I plan to bake a ginger cake to test run my Christmas present from Nikki... check her blog to find out what it is ;). 
Hopefully it will look like this...


  1. Hooray for fancy folders. I think a fancy folder makes writing a heap more fun. Maybe that's because I'm a girl.

    I think the flashback idea is good. Even if you don't put them into the story write them anyway and see how much they reveal to you about his character. I'm busy trying to develop my main character at the moment and I've been considering writing some episodes from his early life as an exercise.

  2. Hi, only just getting back into blogging following the Christmas and New Year Festivities - being mum and grandma too is quite demanding at times! I wanted to say I love the idea of bringing your character to life as you did in the shop. An excellent ploy!There is nothing so satisfying to a writer as getting inside a character's head - probably applies to actors as well :-)

  3. Mmmmmm ginger cake, reminds me of bonfire night but saying that I can eat cake anytime. My problem is not being able to say no!
    Happy baking.

  4. Nari, I am so impressed with the idea of developing your character in live conversation like that.
    I'm also pleased to see you are enjoying your stint in the working world. On that subject I may be teaching you to suck eggs here, but that is one very important element in your life right now. Even if you are in a temp' position it increases your chances of landing a permanent role so don't relax the job hunt... if anything, increase your output.
    I just thought I'd mention that because I'm actually interviewing next week for our place and you got me thinking.
    I'm also a lover of folders, but perhaps that's because I work for Ryman the stationer. Sounds to me like your new year is well underway and I'm happy for you.

  5. I'll post a picture of the fancy folder next time hehe. Thanks Chloe, I definitely think I will. Certainly can't be a waste of time, as it all goes into knowing a character better.
    Hi Deb, welcome back to blogdom :) It was so much fun. I'm really pleased I had the guts finally.
    The cake actually ended up being apple and ginger pie, consumed by friends and I at midnight. See, I'm still young.
    Thanks, Tom. Very good advice. In fact, as part of the scheme I have to submit a jobsearch form every Monday morning with my timesheet, and I get told off if I don't spend time at work jobsearching, which seems very ironic if you ask me. Thing is, there's only one computer and...well, my colleague has work to do. So I'm doing a bit now, despite the fact that my mind is teeming with new ideas for CQ.
    Nari X

  6. I was wondering how you were getting along with your placement. It is good that you are enjoying it.

    I have heard of authors talking of a character or characters as close friends or family before. It sounds like a lot of fun, although I'm kicking myself for giving most of my characters silly names! :P

    Flashbacks are important - you need to 'play' with a main character as much as possible. If the flashback provides you with something useful to put in your novel - wonderful. If not, it will probably lead to something that will.

  7. I love fancy folders. And I really love the look of that cake.