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Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Very Happy Geek

I think I might genuinely be in love with Peter Brett. I mean I'm not about to call off the wedding or anything, purely for financial reasons. (I'm kidding, Rob... Peat's a married man :P). But anyway, the man defiitely knows how to make me smile. 
So I got home from my week visiting the parents to find an envelope with a warded sender address label sat by my door. 

After I had finished jumping around and squealing, I managed to carefully open it, and this is what was inside:

I am a bit happy. Seriously, what a genuinely lovely man. He paid for postage and everything. I love that. He could so easily say 'I'm a very busy man' and let the fans run around and do what they like, but I love the fact that he wants to be so personally involved with his readers. He constantly runs competitions and has an active presence in his blog, which is just lovely. 

Not only that, but after I had sort of assumed that Brayan's Gold, his filler novella that tells the story of Arlen's adventures that aren't covered in The Painted Man or The Desert Spear, was out of print I stumbled across it on Amazon. I ordered one very sceptically, expecting it not to come, or it to be the wrong one. Yesterday, lo and behold:

So as you can tell, I'm a very happy geek. Except, I have the problem of wanting to read Brayan's Gold, but I don't want to ruin it. I also have the problem with my other recent purchase:
Also first edition, I might add. I had actually forgotten that it had come out, which is ridiculous after how long it has been in the making. But I was very lucky to stumble across it. I'm having a good, geeky week.

I've been able to read a bit more of The Book Thief as well, which is getting very intense. Really enjoying it. 

So I know this is more of a reading post than a writing one, but I felt that some of you might appreciate my geeky endeavours. Anyone else excited by this beast of a book? I don't know when I'm going to be able to read it though. I still have a massive pile to read, and judging by the amount of time it's taken me to read the Book Thief, well. 

Anyway, that's all from me tonight. Thanks for reading :)


  1. What a nice surprise to come through your letterbox. I'm so happy for you. As readers we all have our favourite writers. As aspiring writers our favourite writers become godlike in our minds.
    I'm not a fantasy reader so I'm not sure Peter Brett would be for me. I have picked up The Painted Man in the bookshop. But I have got The Book Thief so I will be reading that soon.

  2. Your excitement comes right off the screen Nari and I'm very pleased for you. I wouldn't apologise for writing about reading either. I recently got 'On Writing' by Stephen King and though not a fan of horror I read this book in just a couple of sessions. It's superb.
    One of his ideas which I found interesting, 'if you haven't time to read ... you haven't time to write ...' Now when you think about it, how true is that?
    I'm a massive fan of Wilbur Smith and I have everything he's written. My only problem is that as soon as a book is out I buy it and read it like my life depended on it. I've got books by several authors waiting to be read so my issue at the moment is choice.
    Long may you stay so excited about books and your favourites.

  3. I hadn't noticed these two comments, sorry.
    The main problem I've had recently is just that - no time. To read or to write. I've snatched a chapter or two in the bus to work, and I've been drafting scenes at work... when nobody is looking. But anyway, I'm trying hard to work my way through my 'to-read' shelf, and now I have more time so will hopefully be able to. I'd like to give Stephen King's book a look, as several people have recommended it.
    John - it's a shame you're not into fantasy because Brett is just wonderful. I'm such a fangirl. But I'm ok with it.