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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

'Never Underestimate The Daylight'

Editor's Note: I found this post sat in my drafts from absolutely months ago, and couldn't remember why I hadn't posted it. I feel it is still relevant as it describes the rediscovery of an old scene which I was able to breathe new life into. Enjoy.

I have a story, and stories are good.

I was listening to Circa Survive’s ‘Get Out’, reflecting on the interesting fact that many of Anthony Green’s lyrics seem to be about writing, or use it as a metaphor. Anyway, I decided that these four walls were doing me no good and decided to do as Anthony Green suggested and ‘Never underestimate the daylight.’ I picked up my laptop and transferred to The Last Word Cafe on Newland Avenue (best cafe in the world because of it’s simple honesty, local spirit and shelves upon shelves of books). Ironically, by the time I settled down the daylight had begun to recede.

Typing away, and I look up to see an old classmate walk in. I think his name is Daniel, but I forget. Seeing him reminded me of one class excercise we had to do; we had to take a character and write about them either in an environment that fitted them perfectly, or an environment in which they stuck out like a sore thumb. I decided to use Lauren, and to merge the two. This was about the time I was trying to get to know Lauren a bit better, and still figuring out the complicated relationship between her and Ryan. I wrote about her in her art class, where everyone else was dossing or vaguely working, and she was working intensely. But I did it from Ryan’s perspective, looking through the window with Joe.

The reason that ?Daniel? reminded me of it was because when I read out my little scene, he had really liked it and asked me all sorts of questions about Ryan and Lauren. He asked what happened between them? I said I didn’t really know yet (lies), but he said he really wanted to know. I was pleased with that because, well, that’s what a writer wants to hear. I realise, thinking back, that I forgot to smile at him in Last Word yesterday. You see, sometimes when I’m writing, I find it very easy to forget that I’m a real, physical entity that other people can actually see, and not just some fly on the wall observing. So, sorry Daniel.

I realised that it would fit perfectly just after the scene I was editing at the time, when Joe and Ryan have just made up. Otherwise I would have completely forgotten about the scene altogether. All thanks to Anthony Green’s writing about writing.
The End.

I'm sat in Last Word again, which is practically empty and nice and quiet, just to emphasise my super-nerdy text alert (CTU ringtone from 24) and my wonderfully screamy ringtone (Numb by Envy On The Coast) which always makes everybody else jump but me. I love it. 

EN: My current ringtone is 'Caves' by Chiodos. Have a listen. It's even better for making people jump. I'm so cruel. 


  1. Honestly, I never underestimate the daylight, but the problem is, I always extremely overestimate the power of the daylight.....

  2. I've got the CTU ringtone too! The only problem is, when anyone calls I can't helping shouting "Patch me through to Chloe NOW!" and for some reason the caller doesn't quite know what to make of it...

  3. Hi Nari

    I would suggest 'never underestimate the darkness'. Many years ago whilst I was serving in Germany I had several occasions when driving at night through the (massive) woods where I could have sworn I could see things that really weren't there.
    In the desert during the first Gulf War I came across the same syndrome and the lack of noise in the middle of nowhere is startling. It makes you want to wake somebody else up to see if they can also see the flying creatures and beings walking about in the night.

    I've also had some pretty creepy experiences in daylight when very tired ... seriously, not drunk, just tired.

  4. The Last Word Café sounds idyllic and the perfect place to write.
    Even silence in my home offers so many distractions.