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I am an aspiring writer living and working in Hull. I working on a novel, as well as writing short stories to keep my writing skills fresh. I decided to start a writing blog to connect with other writers. So please, take a look around and leave some comments - I'd love to read some of your writing blogs too. Nari X

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Operation: Study

Every writer has some corner of the universe where they like to write, be it a corner of the lounge, an office, bedroom, conservatory, patio, cafe, beach hut or exotic villa abroad. Those of you who read Writers' Forum will be familiar with the variety of places talked about by different writers on the last page, 'Where I Write'.

So far in my life, I have had little choice as to where I write; my bedroom, and then the corner of the dining room when I was deemed too stressed to sleep in the same room as I worked (I'd been hallucinating. A mother worries.) Then there were desks in the corner of my room in various student houses. Not ideal, but it has given me some degree of privacy and focus. There has always been the occasional cafe day, as I'm sure I've mentioned 'The Last Word' to you before.

Now I have my own whole house. Not just a bedroom/study/dining room/living room - an entire house, with a spare room. When Rob and I signed for the house, we had big ideas for the spare room - it would be a guest room, a drum room, and most of all, a study.
Unfortunately, it has so far been Shanequa's bedroom and a storage room. I've dried washing in there a few times, too.

Miss Sanequa Jackson

Needless to say, it has not reached its full potential as a spare room yet. Cross as Shenequa may be about it, I think she secretly loves having an entire room to herself. Though I have to say, I miss having her as a roomie. She used to wake me up in the mornings by chucking gravel at the side of the tank. And when I was all tucked up in bed, I'd look over at her, and she'd be all snuggled up in the gravel ready for bed too.

Anyway, the point is, I need somewhere to write. At the moment, whenever I want to work on anything, or if I have a service to plan, I have to bring all my giant books and a notepad down, spread them all over the dining room table, plug in my laptop which is on its last legs and put on my headphones so I don't get distracted by the husband creature watching TV. Quite frankly, it's driving me bonkers. I'm finding it hard to focus sat in the lounge.

So. One box at a time, we are preparing the spare room to become, dun dun duuuuuh...a study. Wish us luck. 
Now the question goes to you; Where do you write?


  1. Nari have you seen this? Children's novels don't qualify but young adults do...

  2. I have, actually, but thanks Chloe :) I've toyed with the notion of having my novel ready by the end of the month and had psyched myself up for it. However, I then got behind with Preaching assignments and have two due in now, as well as having four preaching appointments this quarter due to a lack of bodies (technically only meant to have 3 as I'm still training). I'll see how it goes though, I have made a fair bit of progress in ironing our the plot. LEt's just say my first draft was verrrry bitty.
    Nari X

  3. I had the same problem when I moved and my spare room was more cluttered than yours. I made shelves and plenty of them. I got everything off the floor and on to shelves. I made the shelves myself which were deeper than the average ready made shelf, which meant I was able to put some boxes on my shelves. I stacked the larger boxes in a corner and gradually sorted them. Now my shelves are used for books and ring binder folders. It's early days yet Nari, you'll soon have your perfect writing space.
    I too enjoy reading "where I write" in Writer's Forum.

  4. Hey Nari - I actually have a study/library (half of which are dvds) but the room is cold, uncomfortable and often filled with the washing.

    We only have this, a living room, kitchen and bedroom but I end up working in the living room on the sofa. I think I need to work on that spare room - there's just something wrong with the feel of it. Good louck with yours and remember to make it feel nice. I think a good chair where one can cross their legs would make all the difference.

  5. That's a good idea, John - putting up shelves to move stuff onto. The main problem we have is just not having the space to sort things in.
    You're right, Freya - it's nice to be able to cross your legs at a desk. we have a spinny wheelie leather chair, which is quite big :)
    It's a shame your study is a bit cold - have you thought about getting onev of those little heaters or something in there?

    Nari X

  6. Oooh, how exciting. I've never had a study, but maybe one day...


  7. I admire your tenacity. Write anywhere, as long as you can write. Your study looks like a project all of it's own.
    It's in my nature to be tidy, so a few years ago (about 10) when our son went off to university I moved from the 'spare' room, which was north facing, small and cluttered. I spent a week emptying Andrew's room then redecorating it. Next I put in the large desk I 'inherited' from him, complete with old PC etc.
    Over the last five years as my writing interest has grown I've steadily built up to a modern PC, put in three large matching bookshelves and increased my book collection massively.
    My wife is always complimenting me on my 'study'.
    My advice (even for the short term), if you can't empty the room, remove everything, then set up your writing area first. Once that is established as the priority you can bring the other bits in but keeping the place tidy.
    If you can get Rob to think of it as your study he will treat it with more respect than if it's always referred to as 'the spare room' where you can also write. Give that space the recognition it deserves! I'll be watching.