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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hang on...

This is the second part of the blogfest; Hookers and Hangers. You can see my first post here.
Now I'm afraid my hangers (last lines) aren't as good as the others. I suppose this a good excercise because I haven't really thought about last lines much. Honestly, most of my chapter breaks have just come when I've thought, 'probably time for a new chapter', and this exercise has really made me think about where and how the chapters are ending. Here they are, anyway.

1. Ana looked up as he approached, and the Captain knew without hesitation that this was going to be the right decision.

2. ‘I think we should go back and find out why she’s here,’ said Visha. When Jonny hesitatd, she added, ‘I’ll race ya!’

3. ‘Do you know what they do with them up there?’ Jenna nodded grimly. Ben hesitated. ‘Does Visha?’

It has been fun taking part in this blogfest and reading through everyone's entries, so thank you to all who have taken part and commented on mine too. 
This has really made me think about the way I structure chapters, although that's just making me want to edit more.


  1. OH WOW!
    These leave me dying to know more!

  2. Great hangers! Way to hook a reader ;)

  3. These are great! Sounds like there's a lot of action. The blogfest made me think about structuring too. Apart from the first six, my WIP wasn't even in chapters! I'm intrigued about your story.

  4. You must be a natural...those are excellent spots to break at.

  5. This has been a great blog hop and I have enjoyed reading everyone's hooks and hangers. Yours were great - all of them.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments, I really appreciate everyone coming on over to take a peek :) this has been a really good exercise :)
    Nick - interesting way to write :)
    Nari X

  7. I agree, this exercise has really made me look more closely at my closing lines. I guess I had always paid more attn to opening lines, but even then I hadn't really thought about chapters other than the first :) At least not consciously!

  8. Both 2 and 3 are intense and really make me want to know what is happening to the characters. Great job. Thanks for being a part of our blogfest.

  9. Isn't editing fun!?!? Haha.

    I think it is super important to ask ourselves, how do I end this chapter so that the reader HAS to go on to the next one. It's a fun challenge :)