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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

On Ross Noble and Vampirism

I'm currently sat watching Ross Noble whilst waiting for my dinner to cook. I've set myself an impossible task - keeping up with Ross whilst attempting to make insightful, interesting comments about life, the universe and everything (42) and also not burning peppers. We'll see how it goes.

I went to see Ross Noble at Hull City hall the other day with a bunch of lovely friends, and he was on top form. I love the way he makes jokes about whatever city or town he's in, usually at the expense of the locals. Its a valuable thing to be able to laugh at oneself, and as the British people, I think we are very good at it. Dunno what that says about us really... What was even better was being at a show in Hull as a Southerner. Oh yes. Beautiful. The audience participation was priceless. Hullites are weird. Best joke of the night was about Lady Gaga. He built it up, like he does, straying then coming back, then straying again. He said 'There she was at the MTV music awards covered in meat! Has she been stalking me for ideas?' in reference to his tangent of meat on the face on the Sonic Waffle DVD. Absolutely brilliant.
No, the BEST joke of the night was about sexy vampires. He gave a summary of Twilight, flicking his hair and saying 'I'm a sexy vampire' and then went off on one about how a vampire should not have any hair cut that isn't the V-shape. 

I think the appeal of Ross Noble is that he's so inclusive - he makes everybody feel like they're in on something, like its all one big in-joke. Or a collection of many. There's something good in that, I think, whatever form it takes. And at the moment, we need comedy to make us all smile more. With the recession, unempoyment, redundancies, everything going up in price, we need some kind of togetherness as a country, and I think, as I said before, laughing at ourselves is a good way to do that. Yes, there are problems. Yes, they need sorting. But sometimes its good to get some laugh lines, and cheer the hell up.

Rebuke the sneezes!! 

Sorry, so far this winter I have not been ill for a single day, and I'm trying to keep it that way. You see, I'm trying to prove a point to my future father-in-law that I am not always ill. I've been eating my B12, Vitamin C, Iron and Beta-carotene thank you very much!

I've been doing some more painting, which has been fun. I'm painting Ryan at the moment (the main character of my novel), and its really good, as I've said before, for character development. I've been working on the eyes again, wondering at what stage of the book this particular representation is. I've made a start on the bloodshot effect, but for a time his eyes were just red. He looked like a vampire. 

Ok, secret's out. Ryan Dorsey is a vampire. I was writing a scene at two in the morning last year that revealed Lauren as a vampire. It's becoming a frequent occurrence. Bad day? Everyone's a vampire. Well, to be honest, it would sell. What's the big twist I was on about?
He's a vampire. A sexy one at that.

I'm joking. Nobody is a vampire. 
Or are they?

Ok. time to go.
But are they?
But they're not.
But are they?

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