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I am an aspiring writer living and working in Hull. I working on a novel, as well as writing short stories to keep my writing skills fresh. I decided to start a writing blog to connect with other writers. So please, take a look around and leave some comments - I'd love to read some of your writing blogs too. Nari X

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Final Chapter Settings (How the weather can change everything...)

Rob and I last winter at High Wood, Horsham

As I said before, my ending is coming together. I was inspired when I looked around at the snow and realised that this is the exact time of year I should be writing about, given the timescale of my story and when it begins (mid October, I think). This is good, as it means my research is fresh and I have the weather right here.

I've been flicking through photos from last winter, when we had a snow fall just like this one. I've included pictures from last year because I was down South during the snow fall, and therefore most of the pictures are from High Wood cornfield, down the road from my parents' house. This place is gorgeous. Every season it tells a story. Every season it has a different charm to it, always breathtaking. 

This place is my inspiration for for my final chapter settings (I say final loosely). I had always wanted to involve it in some way in this story, but had always pictured it to be in the Summer, when the corn is waist-high and golden. As it turned out, the timescale of the story did not allow for this, so instead I wrote the scene to be cold. It was a bit plain. I didn't finish the scene before I realised this. Then the snow came. Having seen High Wood in the deep snow, I realised that this would be perfect. I have another image flashing across my mind, but can't say it because it would be a spoiler.
High Wood under snow, 2009

Just from the initial edit (I can't help but edit as I go along...), changing the weather from cold to actual snow, so many little details have changed. Like what boots Lauren pulls on, where...a certain person chooses to stand, how loud someone's footsteps would be, even what clothes the characters are wearing. 

I would like to set up a standalone page to post character profiles, short synopsis and other details about this story, but I can't work out how to get one. Can anyone help?


  1. It looks beautiful in the snow. I can see why it inspired you! You could always set up another blog for your synopsis etc.

    Julie xx

  2. I think there is an "Edit Pages" section where you create blog posts. If you want to create a separate page you should be able to try something from there.

  3. It is rather beautiful. I find myself wanting to go back there now, though I won;t be going south for Christmas. Christmas is up North this year.
    Ah brilliant, thanks HC Clarke, you were right :)

  4. Hi Nari.
    I know I'm a bit of a novice at this whole blog scene but because I wanted to use 'writing' as my continual theme I have experimented with the pages.
    I have a page for 'autobiography'.
    To post a chapter... I add a new page for the chapter and use 'autobiography' as the 'parent' page.
    I add a new page to post an excerpt. When I post the excerpt I use the particular chapter as the 'parent' page.
    I hope that was easy enough to understand. If not, drop me a comment and I'll revise it.