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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sugar Rush Reviews and Apples...

There are slugs. In my house. That is not natural. I honestly don't understand what attracts them inside into a place that is so far from their natural habitat... if they were helping with the rent, maybe I wouldn't mind. 

I recently finished a project now called 'Sugar Rush', which is a short story I was aiming to enter into some competition or other, but it didn't turn out that way. It ended up as a bit of a cautionary tale to teenage girls, who might be prone to blinding infatuation. I was a teenage girl once, you know. The danger is to build up an image of someone in your head that seems so perfect, so true and infallible, when in fact you barely know them at all. The infatuated mind is much more forgiving. 

So after much struggle against my former aims with this piece, I finished it and renamed it suitably. I then took the plunge and joined I uploaded Sugar Rush, though it took a lot of courage. I am a bit of a dragon lady with criticism, though I'm much better than I used to be. University hammered it out of me by constant exposure. 

I now have two reviews, which I'd say is good progress. I think it would be a shame to lose all the benefits of workshop class now that I've left Uni. If you fancy looking up SR and giving some feedback, it would be much appreciated.
The other week I came across a rewrite of a stupid little idea I had a while back, which was essentially me whining about a current situation. The rewrite, however, was actually pretty good. The basic idea remained without all the personal venting. 

Can I just say, I am in love with this site already. This post has been saved every minute while I've been writing. These people know what they're doing.

I think what prompted me to continue the idea was a conversation I had with my Mum about it all. We were talking about the nature of jealousy and the fact that actually the people who seem to go out of their way to be better than you are probably jealous of you. We had a really deep chat, and I can't remember everything we talked about. But when I came across this beginning again, I decided it was worth continuing. 

I was also inspired in a really bizarre way by my housemate and her fiance, who have been doing some work in the garden of a Manor House, and come back every day with a bagful of apples. Everywhere you look in both our houses (the boys live opposite) there are apples, and I find it quite funny. It's a bit of a statement to how weird my life feels right now. Anyway, as I was sat in the boys living room staring at an apple, ideas started to come together about next door neighbours. We all do it, try and guess at what our neighbours lives look like. 

So anyway, I got up yesterday morning and just wrote, all day. Obviously I had lunch and all of that sort of thing. In fact, whilst I was having dinner in the living room whilst writing, my housemate and her fiance got back, yes, with more apples, and set up a peeling station in front of spiderman. 

Quite clearly, it is a writer's skill to draw inspiration from the most bizarre places!
Anyway, I realise I boiled the kettle an hour ago. Time for a cup of tea.

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