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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Plot Developments

I've been trying to develop the plot for Cosmic Questions. I've been worried that it's loking a bit thin. I think my problem is I get so wrapped up in the characters, I want to know every little detail about them and their relationships to each other, and I spend too much time thinking or writing about everyday things that don;t really add any story.
I had an epiphany the other day, and it revealed a rather major plot twist to do with Ryan's father. It ties everything in quite nicely, and has given me a bit of perspective as to what needs to go. I deleted a big chunk of prose which was rally hard. I liked the scene, I'd worked hard on it. 
But it was too big an event to be sub-plot, and would break the pace and developing of the storyline. I had got too caught up in writing with The Unremitting Truth (a short story about Josh, one of the lesser characters from CQ) in mind, so unfortunately it had to go. But I think it's good prooning - cutting back so the piece can grow. The whole thing needs to be tightened up and more focused, so that is where I'm starting.
I'm reading my next reading assignment after failing to finish my last one - oops.
 I'm thinking I might upload The Brokenness of Silence to YWO, even though I've got feedback from Sue Moorcroft, just to see what others think. Yes. I'll do that.
That's all for now - I must prepare for a job interview tomorrow. Very scary. It's for Mothercare, which I think could be quite fun. 

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