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Friday, 8 October 2010


I've been trying to write tonight, but it's just not happening. So much for 1000 words per day. Everything is just so disjointed, I've no idea anymore what actually needs to stay in. There's scenes which are really long and I'm wondering what they actually add. but I don;t know how to move things on to the next level of plot.
I think maybe I need to do some kind of plot chart, or structural thing to get a clear picture of what needs to happen when and how to move things into the next part.
I keep getting ideas, but they don;t fit in with anything I already have, and I'm trying really hard to mend what I have already instead of creating more and more tangled mess to sort through painstakingly later.
Sort it out now, that's my philosophy at the moment. Inspiration is all very well, but if I live my writing life on it's whimsical nature then I'll never get anywhere or be taken seriously as a writer.
As for right now, I think I need to get out of this (no longer damp thanks to a dehumidifier - hurrah!) room and spend some time with people who actually exist.
Nikki has let the rabbit out and is loading up Don't Tell the Bride as we speak.
Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.

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